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Ritual Sacredness Tantra

Embodied Sacredness of Life as Ritual

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Ritual Sacredness Tantra

Ritual Sacredness Tantra is a vehicle for creating the change and growth in the world which Kaviar serves and works towards. Believing in all of life as sacred and divine, the practice of devotion to that sacredness and to the process of growth and expansion becomes a ritual. A ritual of life, of loving, of bringing spirit and the spiritual path into one’s daily life, just as Tantra is a path towards oneness and divinity. Ritual Sacredness Tantra comes with a foundation of heart-centered loving presence and a devotion to deepening and opening life force energy and aliveness and pleasure in ones body, awakening such in all beings, supporting the flowering of wholeness, sovereignty, harmony, and balance in ones powerful being.

The vision of Ritual Sacredness Tantra is to create a conscious world full of love, freedom, expansion, and honoring of divinity. Kaviar serves individuals and groups to undergo their own processes of inner healing work, opening up to deeper connection with their bodies, their souls and spirits, and all things around them. 

Together, let's create a conscious world full of love, freedom, expansion, & honoring of divinity.

-Kaviar Dragon


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Workshops & Facilitation

Ritual Sacredness workshops empower and guide you towards a profound expansion of consciousness.

With an array of offerings including Tantra, Consent & Boundaries, Hatha Yoga, and more, Kaviar provides a safe and sensual space for you to explore and discover your true self. From intimate gatherings to larger groups, Kaviar tailors his workshops to fit your needs. Immerse yourself in sacred ceremonies and rituals that invite love and freedom into your life.

Join us on this transformative journey of deepening presence and awareness. Embrace your body, unite with a collective, and connect with spirit.

Your limitless potential awaits!


1:1 Healing Sessions

Experience the transformative power of touch with our unique bodywork offerings. Discover relaxation, healing, and connection in a haven like no other. Kaviar will guide you through enchanting sessions, easing tension and inviting serenity into every fiber of your being.

Immerse yourself in a world of rejuvenation and tranquility through massage,  experience a deep trauma release through bodywork to support your journey to inner peace, or explore the Sacred Spot Ritual that allows you to tap into your primal essence and exploring new realms of pleasure and empowerment.

Let Kaviar guide you on a transformative and rejuvenating journey towards profound relaxation, healing, and self-discovery. Invest in yourself and experience the magic within.

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Custom & Couples Sessions

In this unique experience, Kaviar will guide you through an empowering exploration of how to navigate the language of sensual touch, ensuring every interaction is consensual, expressive, and deeply respectful. He gracefully provides a safe and nurturing space, where you can uncover the transformative power of touch, enhancing both your relationships and personal growth.

Together let's join on this transformative journey of deepening presence and awareness. Embrace your body, unite with a collective, and connect with spirit.

Your limitless potential awaits!

Kaviar also offers custom sessions for experienced receivers.

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"I experienced Kaviar as a very skilled and compassionate practitioner. The way of how he is creating and holding space is very unique and he has a high capacity of serving from a state of loving presence . I felt very safe and seen in his presence. I left the session inspired and with some new, important insights, that supported me a lot in the following weeks."

- Simon, Psychotherapist, Germany

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In a highly domesticated world, it is a fierce statement to reclaim our wildness. To connect with the primal parts of our essence and hearts.

Society has tamed the way we eat, love, feel, think, play. We ourselves have tamed our inner child. We have outcast our fools, our witches, and whores. We repress our sexualities, and sensual existence in the name of safety, acceptance, and control. In untamed wildness and truth we face our fear, feel our joy and anger, we reconnect to our pleasure and freedom. 

This is an invitation to play authentically, to be spontaneous, to relate through our senses, our bodies, to the suppressed elements within us, the land and other human beings. Invoking raw, and wild forces we can root into our relations with earth, water, fire, and air. Trusting that we have the capacity to hold our fullness as we ground into connection with the Earth to free ourselves and those around us.

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